Core Focus

“At Ag Ventures Alliance it’s all about the farmer!”

We are a nationally recognized farmer owned organization that’s primary purpose is making early stage investments in innovative technologies that enhance on-farm profitability.

Core Values

Integrity, commitment and respectfulness and we strive to leave a legacy for the farmer by making opportunistic early stage investments in agricultural innovation.

We are unique from other early stage investors in the ag innovation sector in four ways:

  • We are an “evergreen fund” which allows us to be more patient money than others;
  • We invest in companies that are earlier stage than most other institutional investors, many times investing in companies that have not yet sold product;
  • We can rely on a network of hundreds of farmers to advise us on what products are needed and which ones are likely to make them money; and,
  • We are focused on profitability at the farm level.

Our Guarantee

“To keep the Farmer top of mind in everything we do.”


“Play a vital role in creating a vibrant rural economy, driven by vision, knowledge, technology and novel business opportunities in the agricultural sector.”

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