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  • Shepherd, Raleigh, NC
    Shepherd is building a labor management platform that allows farm management to quickly assign tasks to workers, workers to see what they are responsible and accountable for, and everyone to know exactly where the farm is in any given point in the season. Shepherd has also built powerful patent-pending data tools that intelligently take information from tasks as they go through their lifecycle to build complete necessary and often mandated farm records without requiring hours of data entry. Farm labor is ready for the same innovation as groundbreaking advances in seeds, chemicals, and machinery, and with the ability to deliver the same game changing advances in efficiency.
  • EarthSense, Champaign, IL
    EarthSense delivers under-canopy plant data, which cannot be obtained by drones, planes, or satellites. Currently, EarthSense customers obtain this data at a high cost using manual labor. This AI-robotic field data delivery platform is being piloted or deployed at scale by large enterprise customers including Corteva, Bayer, Syngenta, Cargill, KWS, and others. Since 2018, EarthSense has built and deployed more than 80 robots in field locations throughout North and South America. Simultaneously, they are evolving their platform for deployment for field scouting, cover-crop planting, and other key tasks in large-scale production agriculture.
  • Eagle’s Catch, Ellsworth, IA
    Eagle’s Catch is a 10-acre aquaculture facility in Ellsworth, IA raising fresh Tilapia. Their mission is to provide families the safe, sustainable, and local seafood they need for healthy living while giving farmers an innovative platform for diversifying production and revitalizing rural communities. Using a unique, purpose-built recirculating system, Eagle’s Catch produces a high-quality protein that is free of antibiotics or added hormones in a sustainable, responsible, and environmentally conscious manner.

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